Surnames and Last Names Meaning, Origin, Popularity

A surname, last name or family name is that part of full name with which people are distinguished. Last name can be originated from place names or from a first name with a prefix added to it or the occupation one does. Even physical characterstics like hair color may lead to origin of a surname. Do you know what your last name mean? Don't worry if you are unaware of the history behind your surname. We're here to help. Let's get started by searching the surname!

Random Surnames
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Afghans Algerian Albanian Angolan Argentines Australian Austrian Azerbaijani Bangladeshi Belarusian Belgian Benin Bolivian Bosniak Brazilian Bulgarian Burkinab Cambodian Cameroonian Canadaian Chilean Chinese Colombian Croatian Czech Congolese Danish Dominican Republic Ecuadorian Egyptian British Ethiopian Finn French Georgian German Ghanian Greek Guatemalan Haitian Hungarian Indian Indonesian Iranian Iraqi Irish Israeli Italian Ivorian Japanese Kazakh Kenyan Latvian Lebanese Lithuanian Macedonian Malaysian Mexican Moroccan Mozambican Nepali Netherland Nigerian Norwegian Pakistani Peruvian Filipino Polish Portugese Romanian Russian Saudi Arabian Serbian Slovak Slovenes South African Spanish Sri Lankan Swedish Swiss Syrian Tanzanian Tunisian Turkish Ugandan Ukrainian US-American Uzbek Venezuelan Vietnamese Zambian Zimbabwean