The Ghanaian last name is a source of great pride for many families. For centuries, these names have been passed down from generation to generation, carrying with them the rich history and culture of the Ghanaian people. Today, there are thousands of different Ghanaian last names in use, each with its own unique meaning and origin story.

Some of the most common Ghanaian last names include Agyeman, Boateng, and Mensah. These names are derived from the Ashanti and Fante tribes respectively, and they are among the most populous groups in Ghana. Other popular Ghanaian last names include Adjei, Akufo-Addo, and Amaize. These names come from a variety of different ethnic groups within Ghana, including the Ewe, Ga, and Yoruba peoples.

No matter what your last name is, it is sure to be steeped in rich history and culture. Dive into the Ghanaian surnames listed below:

Aabeyir Ababio Abadji Abadoo Abagna Abagre Abaidoo Abaitey Abajong Abakah Abalansah Abanah
Abanga Abankwa Abankwah Abassah Abayah Abayateye Abayeta Abayie Abbam Abban Abbosey Abbrey Abdul-Fatawu Abdul-Gafaru Abdul-Kadiri Abdul-Razak Abdulai Abeam Abeasi Abebrese Abebreseh Abedu Abeiku Abeka Abekah Abeyie Abilla Abini Abiwu Abizie Ablakwa Abledu Abloh Ablorde Ablordey Ablorh
Aboagye Aboagyewaa Aboah Abobi Abochie Abokyi Abonie Abora Aboraa Aborah Aborhey Abossey Aboyer Abrafi Abrefi Abroquah Abroso Abruquah Abuaku Abubakari Abudey Abugah Abugre Abugri Abukari Abunyewa Aburam Abuyah Accam Achampong Achana Achaw Acheampong Achempong Achiaa Achulo Ackaah Ackabah Ackah Ackerson Ackon Ackun Ackwerh Acorlor Acqua Acquaah Acquah Acquaye
Aculey Adabie Adabla Adablah Adaboh Adadey Adaletey Adamafio Adamah Adanse Adanuty Adapoe Adase Addae Addai Addea Addey Addo Addoh Addor Addu Addy Adedje Adei Ademan Adeti Adetor Adiabo Adiamah Adiase Adigbo Adih Adingo Adinku Adinyira Adisi Adjah Adjaho Adjahoe Adjani Adjaottor Adjare Adjaye Adjei Adjeiwaa Adjin Adjoe Adoba Adobah Adobea Adoboe Adofo Adogla Adokoh Adoku Adoma Adomaa Adomah Adomako Adomakoh Adonoo Adonu Adoo Adorkor Adorsu Adranyi Adu Adu-Amoah Adu-Amoako Adu-Aryee Adu-Baah Aduah Aduama Aduamah Aduamoah Adubea Adufo Adugyamfi Adumatta Adusah Aduse Adusei Adusu Adwoa
Adwubi Adza Adzei Adzie Afare Afari Afeke Afele Aferi Affainie Affare Affel Afflu Affram Afful Afia Aforo Afram Afua Afunya

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