The Philippines has a rich history when it comes to last names. The country has been under the rule of several different empires and governments, resulting in a unique melting pot of cultures and traditions. This is reflected in the many different last names that exist in the Philippines today.

Some of the most common last names in the Philippines are those of Spanish origin. This is due to the fact that the Philippines was colonized by Spain for over 300 years. Many Filipino families have adopted Spanish last names as their own over the generations. Other common last names include those of Chinese and American origin, reflecting the influence of these cultures on Philippine society.

There is a great deal of diversity when it comes to Philippine last names. This is due to the complex history of the country and its people. Whatever their origins, Philippine last names are an important part of the country's culture and heritage.

Yoy may go through the following list of Filipino last names for better understanding.

Aaba Aabdal Aabdul Ababa Ababacar Ababan Ababao Ababat Ababon Abac Abacajin Abacan
Abacaro Abacco Abaco Abacon Abadano Abaday Abadecio Abadejos Abadesa Abadeza Abadiano Abadier Abadies Abadiez Abadilla Abadillo Abadillos Abadines Abadonio Abag Abagao Abagat Abaggoy Abaincia Abainza Abairo Abais Abaiz Abaja Abajar Abajero Abajon Abalajen Abalajon Abalang Abalayan
Abalde Abales Abaleta Abaling Abalita Aballar Aballe Abalon Abalona Abalos Abaloyan Abalus Abaluyan Abamo Aban Abana Abanag Abanan Abance Abancia Abancio Abanco Abando Abanel Abanero Abanes Abangad Abangan Abangon Abania Abanid Abanil Abanilla Abanis Abano Abanos Abansa Abansi Abantao Abante Abantes Abanza Abao Abaoag Abapo Abaracoso Abardo Abarentos
Abarera Abareta Abargos Abaricia Abaricio Abarico Abarido Abarientos Abaring Abarintos Abario Abarnas Abaro Abarollo Abarquez Abarra Abarracoso Abarrientos Abarro Abarte Abary Abarzosa Abasia Abasola Abasta Abastas Abastillas Abasula Abat Abatayo Abatir Abato Abatol Abaton Abawag Abawan Abay-Abay Abaya Abayabay Abayare Abayari Abayata Abayato Abaygar Abayhon Abayle Abayog Abayon Abbac Abbacan Abbali Abbatuan Abbisani Abboh Abburan Abcede Abdulatip Abdulcadir Abdulgafur Abdulgani Abdulhakim Abdulhani Abdullatip Abdulmaguid Abdulsalim Abdurajik Abdurakman Abduraup Abduwa Abe-Abe Abear Abecia Abecilla Abeco Abedania Abedejos Abedes Abedoza Abejar Abejaron Abejay Abejero Abejo Abejoro
Abelan Abelano Abelarde Abelardo Abeleda Abelende Abelgas Abelida Abelido Abelis Abelita Abelito Abella Abellana Abellaneda Abellanida Abellano Abellanosa Abellanoza Abellar

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