In Canada, last names often have a French influence due to the country's colonial past. Many Canadian last names are derived from habitation names, which are named after the first owner of the land. These names are often taken from the place name where the person lived or held land. For example, "Beauchamp" is derived from a French word meaning "beautiful field."

Other common Canadian last names are occupational surnames, which were given to people who worked in a particular trade. For example, "Smith" is an occupational name for a blacksmith or someone who works with metal.

Some Canadian last names are also derived from personal characteristics, such as "Lapointe," which means "pointed," or "Gagnon," which means "loud."

Finally, there are also many Canadian last names that have Aboriginal origins. These names often come from the language of the First Nations people and can be difficult to pronounce for non-Aboriginal people.

Here is a list of last names used in Canada.

Abji Abosh Abushahma Achtemichuk Adamyk Addorisio Adoranti Adshade Aitchison Alarie Alderson Alleyne
Almost Alton Amero Amesse Amireault Amyot Anhel Anstey Antle Arseneault Arthurs Atchison Atco Atkinson Aubut Aucoin AuCoin Audet Audette Audy Auger Aujla Axani Aylward Bachand Bamford Banman Banville Barkhouse Barkman Barrington Basque Bastarache Batten Beaubien Beaudette
Beaudoin Beaulac Beaulne Beaumier Beausejour Bedard Belcourt Belec Belleau Bellefleur Bellemare Bellerose Belley Belzile Berard Bergin Beriault Bernatchez Berube Besner Bessette Bettencourt Bezanson Bigras Bilodeau Bisaillon Blanchette Bleau Blondeau Bohemier Boily Boisclair Boisjoly Boissonneault Boisvert Boivin Boldt Bolduc Bondy Bonnell Bordeleau Borduas Boudreault Bouillon Boule Boulianne Boulton Bourbonnais
Bourdages Bourgon Bourret Boutet Bouthillier Boutin Brace Bradette Braithwaite Brake Breault Brideau Brisebois Brissette Brooker Brouillette Brubacher Brulotte Brunet Brunton Brydges Buckland Budgell Bueckert Bujold Bulmer Bureau Burley Busque Buteau Cadorette Caissie Caissy Careau Carleton Carrier Carriere Carrigan Carswell Casselman Cauchon Caya Cayouette Caza Chabot Chaisson Chalifour Chalifoux Champoux Charbonneau Charron Chartrand Chaulk Chevrette Chevrier Chiasson Choiniere Cholette Chorney Chute Clegg Cleroux Clow Coallier Colangelo Comeau Comtois Corkum Corneau Coulas Coupal Courchesne Courville Coward Crepeau Crete Crevier Cudmore Cuerrier Cull Cuthbertson Dafoe Dalpe Dandurand
Danyluk Dargis Darveau Dauphinais Daviault Deboer DeBoer Deguire DeJong Dejong deJong DeNault Deneault Denomme Deraspe Desaulniers DeSchenes Deschenes Desfosses DesGagne

Last Names by Countries

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