The history of Greek last names is a long and varied one. Last names were not always used in Greece, but when they were introduced, they were often derived from nicknames or personal characteristics.

For instance, the last name ‘Papadopoulos’ means ‘son of the priest’, while ‘Xenakis’ indicates someone who is hospitable.

Over time, as more and more Greeks moved abroad, many last names underwent changes to make them sound more ‘foreign’.

For example, the name ‘Contos’ became ‘Counts’, while ‘Tsouderos’ was changed to ‘Suderland’. Today, there are thousands of different Greek last names in use all over the world. Have a look at them below:

Adamidis Adamopoulos Adamopoulou Adamoudis Adrachtas Agaliotis Agapitou Agathos Aggeli Aggelidis Aggelopoulou Agios
Agoras Agoros Agrafiotis Agrapidis Agrios Aidinis Aidonis Aivali Aivalis Aivazi Akritidou Alamanou Aletras Alevizou Alevra Alexaki Alexandraki Alexandrakis Alexandratos Alexandri Alexandridis Alexandridou Alexandris Alexandropoulou Alexiadis Alexiadou Alexiou Alexopoulos Alexopoulou Anagnostaki Anagnostopoulos Anagnostopoulou Anagnostou Ananiadou Anastasaki Anastasiadis
Anastasiadou Anastasiou Anastasopoulos Anastasopoulou Anastopoulou Andreadaki Andreadi Andreadis Andreadou Andreopoulos Andreopoulou Andrianopoulos Andrikopoulos Andrikopoulou Andriopoulou Andritsou Androulaki Androutsopoulou Androutsou Anestis Angelaki Angelidou Angelopoulos Angelopoulou Angelou Anthopoulou Antonakaki Antonaki Antonakis Antonatou Antoniadis Antoniadou Antoniou Antonis Antonopoulos Antonopoulou Antypa Apergi Apostolaki Apostolakis Apostolidis Apostolidou Apostolopoulou Apostolou Arabatzi Arapoglou Aravantinou Aretos
Argiri Argiriou Argyraki Argyri Argyriou Argyris Argyropoulos Argyropoulou Argyros Armaou Arnaoutis Arnidis Aronis Arvanitaki Arvanitakis Arvaniti Arvanitidou Asimakopoulou Asimis Aslanidis Aslanidou Aslanoglou Asmis Aspioti Aspiotis Asteriou Astras Asvesta Athanasaki Athanasiadi Athanasiadis Athanasiadou Athanasiou Athanasopoulos Athanasopoulou Athanassiadis Athanassiou Athanassopoulos Avdala Avdelas Avdi Avdis Avdoulas Avdoulos Avdulaj Avgeri Avgerinou Avgeros Avloniti Avramidis Avramidou Avramis Axiotis Axis Babalis Bairaktari Bakali Bakas Bakogianni Bakola Bakopoulou Balis Ballas Barbas Bardis Basdekis Baxevani Bekiari Bekiaris Bellos Bellou Benakis Benekos Boukouvala Chalari Chalkidis Chalkidou Chanioti Chantzis Charalambous Charalampous Chatzi Chatziandreou Chatziantoniou
Chatzidimitriou Chatzinikolaou Chatzipanagiotou Chatzisavvas Chiotis Christaki Christakis Christakou Christidi Christidou Christodoulidis Christodoulou Christopoulos Christopoulou Christos Chronis Chronopoulou Constantinides Constantinou Daliani

Last Names by Countries

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