Azerbaijan family names are rich in history and meaning. Many of the country's most common last names are derived from Turkish, Persian, and Arabic words and names. Some Azerbaijanis also have Georgian, Armenian, or Russian last names.

Azerbaijan has a long and complex history, which is reflected in its many different family names. The earliest known Azerbaijan family name is Al-e Mohammad, which dates back to the 10th century. This name was given to the founder of the ruling dynasty of the Shirvanshahs, who ruled much of what is now Azerbaijan from the 9th to the 16th centuries.

Other notable early Azerbaijan family names include Aliyev, Mammadov, Huseynov, Gasimov, and Hajiyev. These names all date back to the 18th and 19th centuries, when Azerbaijan was part of the Russian Empire. Many Azerbaijani families adopted Russian last names during this time period.The most common Azerbaijan family name today is Aliyev. This name was first used by Azeri chieftains in the 18th century, and it has been passed down through the generations ever since.

Let's have alook at other common Azerbaijan family names including Hasanov, Ibrahimov, Mahmudov, and Yusifov in the following list.

Abadov Abasli Abaszadeh Abbasaliyev Abbasaliyeva Abbasli Abbasov Abbasova Abdinov Abdinova Abdulkarimov Abdullayeva
Abdullazade Abdunova Abdurahmanov Abdurahmanova Abduyeva Abilova Abisov Abiyev Abiyeva Abrahimov Absalamova Abudova Abulov Adigozalov Adigozalova Afandiyev Afandiyeva Agabayova Agamaliyev Agasiyev Agasiyeva Agayeva Agazade Aghayev Ahmadova Alakbarova Aliyev Aliyeva Allahverdiyeva Amirova Asadova Asgarova Aslanova Atayeva Axundova Ayibov
Azadova Azeri Babayev Babayeva Bagirova Baxsiyeva Bayramova Behbudova Beydullayeva Bilalova Cafarova Dadasova Dovlatova Efendiyev Efendiyeva Ehmedov Ehmedzade Eldarova Eynullayeva Farmanova Fataliyeva Feyzullayev Garayeva Gozalova Gulahmadova Gulaliyeva Guliyeva Habilov Habilova Habiyev Habiyeva Hamidova Hamzayeva Hatamova Havalov Heybatov Heybatova Heydarova Hidayatova Huseynova Ibadova Ibayev Ibiyev Ibrahimov Ibrahimova Ibrahimzadeh Imanova Isayeva
Isgandarli Isgandarova Iskandarova Ismayilova Kazimova Malikova Mammadov Mammadova Manafova Mehdiyeva Mehraliyeva Mehtiyeva Memmedova Mikayilova Mirzayeva Musayeva Mustafayeva Nabiyeva Nagiyeva Namazova Narimanova Nasirova Niyazova Novruzova Nuraliyeva Nuriyeva Orucova Osmanova Piriyeva Qadirli Qafarova Qarayeva Qasimova Qaziyeva Quliyeva Qurbanova Racabova Ragimov Rahimova Ramazanova Rasulova Rzayeva Sabzaliyeva Sadiqova Safarli Salmanova Samadova Samilova Seyidova Sirinova Sultanova Tagiyeva Tanriverdiyeva Valiyeva Xankisiyeva Xanlarova Yahyayeva Yaqubova Yusifova Zarbaliyeva Zeynalova

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