The surnames of Italy have a long and interesting history. Many of them are derived from the names of famous families that once lived in the country. Others were given to people who came from other parts of Europe or the world.

Some of the most common Italian surnames include Rossi, and Bianchi. These names come from the Italian words for "red," and "white." They were probably given to people based on their physical appearance or their occupation. For example, someone with red hair might have been called Russo, while someone who worked with coal might have been called Russo.

Other popular Italian surnames include Esposito, which means "exposed," and Lombardi, which comes from the name of the region where the family originally lived. There are also many names that are derived from nicknames, such as Conti (short for contadino, or peasant), Giordano (derived from giorno, meaning "day"), and Moretti (from moro, meaning "dark-haired").

There are literally thousands of different Italian surnames out there, each with its own unique history and meaning. Have a look at them below.

Abad├ęssa Abadini Abagnale Abart Abatelli Abati Abatino Abazia Abbadati Abbamondi Abbasciano Abbate
Abbatecola Abbatelli Abbati Abbatiello Abbatini Abbatino Abbattista Abbenda Abbiati Abbiento Abbinante Abbonato Abbondanza Abbondi Abbrescia Abbriano Abbriata Abbruzzino Abbruzzo Abeltino Abenante Abeni Abergo Abisso Abitabile Abiusi Abiuso Aboaf Abordi Abozzi Abrami Abramini Abrati Abrescia Abruzzese Accame
Accarino Accetta Acchiardi Acciai Acciaio Acciaioli Acciano Acciarito Acciaro Acciarri Accili Accini Accinni Accogli Accolla Accornero Accorroni Accorsi Accorso Accossato Accoto Accurso Acella Aceti Achille Achilli Achino Acierno Acito Acler Acquafredda Acquarelli Acquaro Acquas Acquati Acquistapace Acquisti Acri Actis Acunzo Acutis Adabbo Adamati Adamini Adamo Adani Adanti Addabbo
Addamiano Addario Addati Addato Addazio Addeo Addesi Addezio Adducchio Adduci Adelfio Adessi Adilardi Adiletta Adimari Adolini Adorante Adornetto Adorni Adotti Affabile Affaitati Affannato Affatati Affatato Afferrante Affinito Agabiti Agarla Agati Agazzi Aggio Aghilar Agliata Agliati Agnese Agnetta Agnetti Agnolet Agnoletti Agnoletto Agnoli Agnoni Agolini Agolino Agostinello Agosto Agostoni Agrati Agrello Agresti Agretti Agricola Agricoli Agrimonti Agrippino Agro Aguiari Aguzzi Aicardi Aicardo Aimaro Aimasso Aimone Aiossa Airaghi Airale Airone Ajello Ajmone Alabiso Alagna Alampi Alati Albanese Albano Albergo Albergoni Alberici Alberini Albertazzi Albertoni Albi Albieri
Albiero Albonetti Alborghetti Albrizio Alciati Aldini Aldo Aldrovandi Aleandri Alemanni Alesci Alessandrelli Alessandretti Alessandretti Alessandria Alessandro Alessandroni Alessi Alessio Aletto

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