Many of the most common last names in Belgium are of French origin, as the country was once part of the Duchy of Burgundy. Other common Belgian last names are derived from Dutch, German, or Latin roots.

Some of the most popular French-origin family names in Belgium include Dupont, Lefebvre, and Delvaux. These names are all derived from personal characteristics or occupations. For example, Dupont is a variation of the name "du Ponce," meaning "of the ponce" (a type of horse). Lefebvre is derived from the Old French word "lefevre," meaning "smith" or "metalworker." Delvaux comes from the Latin word "delicatus," meaning "dainty" or "refined."

Other common Belgian last names have Dutch, German, or Latin roots. Van den Berg is a Dutch-origin name meaning "from the mountain." This name may have originally been given to someone who lived near a prominent hill or mountain.

De Vries is a Dutch-origin name meaning "the ferryman." This name likely referred to someone who operated a ferry crossing over a river.

Schmidt is a German-origin name meaning "smith" or "metalworker." This name is likely derived from the same root as the French-origin name Lefebvre. Garcia is a Spanish-origin name meaning "bear."

Let's have a look at these Belgium last names:

Abbeels Abbeloos Abdellati Abeele Abinet Abrath Achten Ackaert Adant Adins Adons Adriaens
Adriaensen Adriaensens Adriaenssens Adriansens Adyns Aelbrecht Aerden Aernoudt Aernouts Aertgeerts Aerts Agten Alaers Allaer Allaert Allegaert Allemeersch Ameele Ameye Anciaux Annaert Apers Appelen Appelmans Arijs Arnould Arnouts Arnoys Artoos Ascoop Audenaert Audooren Audrit Backer Baeke Baeten
Baetens Baeyens Bamps Barbieux Barz Barz Bastiaens Bastiaensen Baudoux Bauduin Bauwens Beeckmans Beelen Beerens Beernaert Bekaert Beke Bellens Belmans Berckmans Berghmans Bergmans Bernaerts Bervoets Bettens Beullens Bex Beyens Beyers Biesemans Biesmans Billiet Blanckaert Blancquaert Blockx Blommaert Blomme Blondeel Bodson Boel Boeykens Bogaerts Boll Bölle Boogaerts Boons Borg Borg
Borges Borges Bormans Borremans Bosmans Bossuyt Bouckaert Bourguignon Bovy Boydens Brabants Braeckman Braem Broeckaert Broekaert Broos Bruneel Brusselmans Bruyndonckx Bruyninckx Bruynseels Brys Buckinx Buelens Buntinx Busschots Buyck Buyle Buyse Buysse Buytaert Caers Callaert Callebaut Callewaert Caluwaerts Cannaerts Capelle Cardoen Cardon Carette Casteels Casteleyn Caudron Ceulemans Ceuppens Chantraine Christiaens Claes Claesen Claessen Claeys Clauwaert Clerckx Cleymans Clijsters Cloet Cnudde Cobbaert Cocquyt Coene Cöhn Cohn Cohn Collart Collette Collignon Colmant Colpaert Conings Coolen Coomans Coopman Cooreman Coorevits Coppens Coppieters Cordemans Cornelis Cornette Corthals Costermans Couvreur Crahay
Creemers Criel Crombez Croonen Culot Cuppens Cuvelier Cuypers Daelemans Daelman Daems Daenen Damarin Daneels Dardenne Dauwe Debaere Debecker DeBoeck Debroux

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