The use of last names in Britain dates back to the Norman Conquest, when William the Conqueror introduced the practice of using surnames to distinguish between different people with the same first name.

Over the centuries, there have been many changes in the spelling and meaning of British surnames. Some names have been lost altogether, while others have been corrupted or changed beyond recognition. Today, there are around 45,000 British surnames in use, each with its own unique history.

Some British surnames are derived from Old English personal names, while others come from place names or occupations. Many surnames were originally nicknames, which described some physical characteristic or other aspect of the person's appearance or personality.

There are several different types of British last names: patronymic (based on the father's name), matronymic (based on the mother's name), habitational (based on where the person lives), and occupational (based on what the person does for a living). A few British surnames are still in use that were first used hundreds or even thousands of years ago. Others are relatively new, having been coined in the past few centuries. Whether old or new, each British surname has its own fascinating story to tell.

Let's take a dive into the world of British family names.

Abberley Abbinett Abbiss Abbots Abbotson Abbott Abeline Abelwhite Abelwhite Aberley Aberon Abilson
Abitot Ablett Ablott Abnett Abrahart Abron Absal Abshier Abtie Aburn Abyle Accles Accot Acherment Achillea Achlan Ackarmand Ackermint Ackeroit Acklane Acklant Ackling Acklom Ackrell Ackrode Ackroyd Ackson Aclam Acland Aclane Aclen Acoin Acrea Acrement Acton Adby
Addeane Addeman Adderley Addinell Addiscott Addlesee Adekand Adekind Adem Adey Adeys Adlam Adlington Adnay Adnet Adnet Adnett Adnitt Adnot Adown Adshead Aegard Aegeart Aegerd Aegord Agacay Agacy Agel Agg Agg Aggarde Agge Agge Aggeard Aggett Aggot Aggulloomb Aherne Aicharman Aid Aighton Ailiboom Aillanach Aillen Aillene Aillom Aillume Ailum
Ailwynn Aiman Ainley Ains Ainscoe Ainscough Ainsley Airay Aireton Aireys Airington Airlie Airlie Aisbitt Aisthorpe Aisthorpe Aistrop Aistrope Aiton Aiton Akam Akam Akambe Akart Akass Akehurst Akelian Akenie Akerman Akermane Akerode Akester Akrill Alchorne Aldan Aldersey Alderten Aldin Aldman Aldridge Aleman Alfith Alfunder Algar Alian Alinia Alison Alivard Allanson Allatt Allbahn Allcock Allerton Allfart Allingame Allinger Allinson Allison Alliwell Allman Allmark Allmend Allmind Allome Allott Allport Allridge Allridge Allsopp Allum Allway Allweard Allwinkle Allwood Alment Almine Almstead Alnutt Alright Alrite Alseth Alsop Alsup Alsworth
Altant Altarten Alteman Altene Alterton Althane Alticot Altom Altoon Altoum Altous Alum Alwart Alwarth Alwarthy Alwood Alwood Amant Amary Ambler

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