The history of Iranian last names is quite interesting. While many Iranians have adopted Western-style last names, there are still many who cling to traditional Persian naming conventions. In ancient Iran, last names were not used in the same way as they are today. Instead, people were identified by their father's name or tribe. For example, if someone's father was named Darius, his son would be called Darius the Younger.

It wasn't until the Sassanian Empire (224-651 CE) that last names began to be used more regularly. At this time, Iranians were

Aaanadh Aabade Aabadean Aabaie Aabare Aabash Aabashar Aabate Aadal Aadarase Aadha Aaeenh
Aafit Aag Aagah Aagalo Aagaraloie Aaghase Aaghaz Aahasath Aakhare Aala Aaladh Aalami Aalean Aaloie Aamare Aaoge Aaor Aaore Aaosh Aaqabat Aaqae Aaqaee Aaqaie Aaqase Aaqe Aarae Aaraee Aarakhe Aaraze Aareaee Aasaman Aasamane Aasami Aasan Aasean Aaser
Aaser Aatash Aaxar Aaxen Ababkari Abadalalhe Abadale Abadani Abadate Abadati Abadazadh Abadean Abadeh Abadei Abadi Abadian Abaei Abaeian Abandah Abar Abarat Abarate Abarian Abarqi Abase Abash Abashari Abathe Abayati Abayi Abazare Abazari Abazary Abbasan Abbasat Abbasha Abbasi Abbasian Abbassi Abbassian Abbaszade Abbaszadeh Abbeh Abboudi Abdani Abdar Abdeh Abdi
Abdil Abdiyan Abdol Abdolahzadeh Abdolali Abdoli Abdolian Abdolizadeh Abdolkarimi Abdolkhani Abdollahi Abdollahian Abdollahyan Abdollahzadeh Abdolmajid Abdolmalek Abdolmaleki Abdolnabi Abdolrahim Abdolvand Abdolzadeh Abdoni Abdoos Abdulli Abdy Abedali Abedan Abedeh Abedi Abedian Abedini Abednezhad Abedoni Abedzadeh Abekir Abest Abestan Abez Abgari Abghari Abham Abharian Abideh Abidey Abireh Abiri Abisham Abitat Abizadeh Abk Abluch Aboie Abolai Abolian Abolmaali Abotalebi Aboudian Abouei Abouie Abourdi Abourz Aboutaleb Aboutalebi Aboutrabi Abouzadeh Abouzar Abouzari Abrabi Abre Abrishami Abrodi Abroon Abroton Abrun Abshari Absiri Abtahi Abuei Abussi Abutalebi Abuzari Abyari Abyli Abysi
Abyza Achach Adabi Adbi Adeli Adib Adibi Adineh Ados Aeen Aeman Aene Aezad Afaghan Afand Afaqi Afazale Afkari Afkham Afkhami

Last Names by Countries

Afghans Algerian Albanian Angolan Argentines Australian Austrian Azerbaijani Bangladeshi Belarusian Belgian Benin Bolivian Bosniak Brazilian British Bulgarian Burkinab Cambodian Cameroonian Canadian Chilean Chinese Colombian Croatian Czech Congolese Danish Dominican Republic Ecuadorian Egyptian Ethiopian Finn French Georgian German Ghanaian Greek Guatemalan Hungarian Indian Indonesian Iranian Iraqi Irish Israeli Italian Ivorian Japanese Kazakh Kenyan Latvian Lebanese Lithuanian Macedonian Malaysian Mexican Moroccan Mozambican Nepali Netherland Nigerian Norwegian Pakistani Peruvian Filipino Polish Portugese Romanian Russian Saudi Arabian Serbian Slovak Slovenes South African Spanish Sri Lankan Swedish Swiss Syrian Tanzanian Tunisian Turkish Ugandan Ukrainian US-American Uzbek Venezuelan Vietnamese Zambian Zimbabwean