The history of Algerian last names is a long and complicated one. Algeria has been inhabited by many different peoples over the centuries, all of whom have left their mark on the country's culture and heritage.The earliest known inhabitants of Algeria were the Berbers, a nomadic people who traveled across the Sahara Desert. The Berbers were followed by the Phoenicians, who established trading colonies along the coast. The Carthaginians, Romans, and Arabs also occupied Algeria at various times in its history.Each of these groups has contributed to the development of Algerian last names. The Berbers, for example, often used patronymic surnames, which are derived from the father's given name. The Arabs introduced many new surnames to Algeria when they conquered the country in the 7th century. And the French, who colonized Algeria in the 19th century, brought with them a whole host of new last names.Today, Algerian last names reflect the rich diversity of the country's history and heritage. Many families have surnames that can be traced back to one or more of Algeria's various ethnic groups. Others bear surnames that are French or Arabic in origin. And still others have last names that are a mix of both Algerian and foreign influences.

You can view the Algerian family names below:

Ababba Ababsa Ababsia Ababssa Ababssi Ababzi Abada Abadelia Abadla Abadli Abadlia Abadou
Abahri Abaibia Abaidi Abaidia Aballah Aballeche Abane Abanou Abaoub Abarour Abassa Abassini Abatlia Abbabsi Abbabssa Abbache Abbachi Abbaci Abbane Abbani Abbaoui Abbassa Abbassene Abbeche Abbed Abbes Abbou Abbouche Abboui Abbouna Abbouni Abboussi Abbout Abchi Abci Abdaoui
Abdat Abdeelli Abdelahadi Abdeldjaouad Abdelgheffar Abdelgoui Abdelhafid Abdelioua Abdelkader Abdelkadir Abdelkadouri Abdelkrimi Abdellach Abdellaoui Abdellaziz Abdelli Abdellioui Abdelmadjid AbdelNour Abdelnour Abdelouahab Abdelouahad Abdelouahed Abdeloued Abdelouhab Abdelrahmane Abdenabi Abdennabi Abdennebi Abdenour Abdenouri Abderazak Abderrahmani Abdert Abdessamed Abdessatar Abdesselam Abdesslem Abdouali Abdoumi Abdouni Abdous Abdousse Abecha Abeche Abeiza Aberkane Aberrane
Abersi Abes Abghache Abib Abidallah Abidat Abidellah Abidri Abili Abirat Abirez Abnoun Aboubou Abour Aboura Aboutite Abrazi Abrika Abrikh Abzou Ach Achacha Achachi Achaiche Achat Achba Achbi Acheba Acher Acheuk Achiba Achiche Achichi Achile Achili Achiou Achouche Achoui Achouri Acid Adafer Adaidi Adaika Adassen Adda Addad Addadi Addaoud Addeche Addou Addoun Addouz Adim Adimi Adjadj Adjaz Adjou Adjoudj Adouane Adouda Adour Afaki Affar Affas Affouf Afiane Afir Afiri Aflalaye Afnoukh Afouf Afrit Aggab Aggabi Aggad Aggar Aggoun Aggoune Agguini Aghbari Agrane Agraniou Agueb Aguis
Ahadad Ahaddad Ahcene Ahfir Ahmane Ahmedi Ahmida Ahmouda Ahras Ahriche Ahzi Aiache Aiachi Aiachine Aibeche Aibi Aiboud Aichaoui Aiche Aichi

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