The history of Indian last names is a long and complicated one. There are many different ways that they can be categorized, but the most common way is by region. For example, last names from Northern India are typically derived from Sanskrit, while those in the South often have Dravidian or Tamil origins.

Interestingly, there are also a fair number of Indian last names that have Arabic or Persian roots. This is due to the fact that Islam came to India in the 10th century and has been present in the country ever since. As such, there are many Indians with Muslim last names who have no connection to Arab or Persian heritage.

The history of Indian last names is reflective of the country's rich and varied history. From ancient Sanskrit to modern Arabic, Indian last names have a story to tell about the people of this great nation.

Let us take a look at these Indian last names.

Aabadul Aabdi Aabdin Aabidin Aabothula Aabuj Aachari Aachary Aadak Aadake Aadari Aade
Aadep Aadgale Aadhe Aadity Aadke Aadmane Aadvale Aadvani Aafak Aafrin Aaga Aagaiah Aagale Aagamma Aagarawal Aagare Aaghav Aagle Aagre Aagri Aaguru Aagvan Aagwane Aahadi Aahah Aahake Aahammed Aahire Aai Aaich Aaind Aair Aajij Aajim Aakan Aakana
Aakarapu Aakatar Aakella Aakerkar Aakhir Aakib Aakiri Aakula Aakumalla Aalam Aalamuri Aalapati Aaldar Aaleti Aalhat Aalm Aalse Aaluri Aanad Aanala Aander Aandra Aangane Aano Aanpat Aaraj Aarakh Aarde Aare Aarella Aarem Aarey Aarfi Aarif Aarij Aarla Aarle Aarote Aarte Aaru Aasad Aasam Aasari Aash Aashamma Aasmin Aasre Aasuri
Aaswale Aathram Aathvale Aatla Aatram Aavad Aavale Aavari Aavat Aavdin Aavid Aavu Aavula Aawale Aawari Aawate Aayre Abadar Abadhut Abadul Abadulla Abagad Abahan Abajal Abaliy Abalur Abant Abasaniy Abasar Abasti Abatar Abbai Abbaiah Abbasani Abbavaram Abbayi Abbidi Abbigeri Abbina Abbineni Abboju Abbolla Abbu Abbulu Abburi Abburu Abdhul Abdin Abeddin Abenad Abenal Abenar Abenkar Abhabhai Abhag Abhale Abhane Abhange Abhangi Abhani Abhare Abhilasha Abhilashi Abhuji Abhyankar Abhyaram Abiyani Abjal Abjani Abocha Aboti Abotula Abrol Abruk Abtar Abuddin Abuj Abuji Abulaish Abunasar Abung Abwas Abyal Acana
Acarti Acaya Accha Acchi Acemma Achad Achaiah Achalla Achamma Achane Achare Achari Acharia Acharya Acharyya Achchha Achchhe Achha Achhara Achhi

Last Names by Countries

Afghans Algerian Albanian Angolan Argentines Australian Austrian Azerbaijani Bangladeshi Belarusian Belgian Benin Bolivian Bosniak Brazilian British Bulgarian Burkinab Cambodian Cameroonian Canadian Chilean Chinese Colombian Croatian Czech Congolese Danish Dominican Republic Ecuadorian Egyptian Ethiopian Finn French Georgian German Ghanaian Greek Guatemalan Hungarian Indian Indonesian Iranian Iraqi Irish Israeli Italian Ivorian Japanese Kazakh Kenyan Latvian Lebanese Lithuanian Macedonian Malaysian Mexican Moroccan Mozambican Nepali Netherland Nigerian Norwegian Pakistani Peruvian Filipino Polish Portugese Romanian Russian Saudi Arabian Serbian Slovak Slovenes South African Spanish Sri Lankan Swedish Swiss Syrian Tanzanian Tunisian Turkish Ugandan Ukrainian US-American Uzbek Venezuelan Vietnamese Zambian Zimbabwean