Brazilian family names have a long and rich history. Many of the most common Brazilian surnames are of Portuguese origin, as Portugal was the colonial power in Brazil for many years. Other common Brazilian surnames have origins in Spanish, German, Italian, and French names, as there has been significant immigration from all of these countries to Brazil.

There are many stories and legends surrounding the origins of Brazilian family names. One popular legend is that of Antônio Rodrigues Aragão, who was supposedly the first person to use the surname Aragão. According to legend, Rodrigues was a young man from Portugal who came to Brazil in the 16th century. He fell in love with a Brazilian woman named Maria da Silva, but her father disapproved of their relationship. In order to be able to marry her, Rodrigues took on the surname Aragão, which was the name of Maria's family.

Another legend tells the story of João Fernandes Vieira, who was a Portuguese explorer who sailed to Brazil in 1500. Fernandes is said to have liked the country so much that he decided to stay and change his name to Vieira, which means "green" in Portuguese.

There are also many Brazilian surnames that have indigenous origins. These names often reflect the regions where indigenous people live or the animals that are important to them. Some examples of indigenous Brazilian surnames include Gomes (meaning "monkey") or Silva (meaning "forest").

Have a look at these Brzilian surnames to know more:

Abadessa Abadia Abadio Abagaro Abage Abalem Abath Abatti Abbade Abbruzzini Abdanur Abdao
Abdelnor Abdon Abduch Abech Abegao Abeldt Abelha Abelini Abentroth Abibe Abilhoa Abitibol Abner Abolis Abonizio Abouchar Abraao Abrahao Abramo Abramoski Abramovay Abranches Abrantes Abras Abreu Abrita Abritta Abs Absy Abtibol Abujamra Aburachid Abutrab Acacia Acauan Accacio
Accari Accioly Acco Accordi Aceiro Acerbi Achcar Ache Achiles Achui Achur Acioli Acioly Acordi Acs Acunha Acurcio Adaime Adamatti Adami Adamoski Adati Adelia Aderaldo Aderne Adissi Adorno Adoryan Adri Adriani Adriao Aere Affini Affonso Afiune Aganetti Agape Agata Agiani Agiar Agne Agnelli Agnello Agnelo Agostinho Agostini Agostino Agrela
Agrelli Agreste Aguair Agualuza Aguera Aguiar Aguieiras Aguileira Aguillar Aibara Aidar Aires Airoldi Airoso Aith Ajuz Akabane Akamine Akinaga Akio Alamino Albanez Albaneze Alberico Alberti Albertin Albini Albuquerque Alcantara Alebrandt Aleixo Aleluia Alencar Alessandra Alessandre Alexandre Alexandrini Alexandrino Alexandro Alfaia Alfaya Alfradique Alfredo Alheiros Alice Aline Alisson Alkimim Alles Almada Almagro Altair Altenhofen Althoff Altieri Altivo Altoe Alvares Alvernaz Alves Alvim Alysson Alzira Amada Amadei Amalfi Amanai Amanda Amando Amantea Amaral Amarante Amato Amatte Amatto Amazonas Ambiel Ameida Ameno Amgarten Amigo Amim Amorim Anacleto
Analio Anastacio Anchieta Anderle Andrad Andreazzi Andreia Andreoni Andressa Andreucci Andrighetti Andriolo Anelli Anesi Angela Angeli Angelica Angelin Angelina Angotti

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